1)Release Papers, Release Films, Special Process Paper
       Release Paper, Release Film for Labeling
       Release Paper, Release Film for FPC
       Release Paper ,Release Film for Adhesive Paper

     2) PET Film, Olefin Film TAC Film, Polyalylate Film, Vapor Deposition Film, Shrink Film, Other Films
       Optical Application Film
       Card Application Film
       Packaging Material Application Film
       TAC Film

     3) Adhesive Paper and Film, Adhesive Tape and Label Sheet
       Dust Cleaner Film Roll for a Board
       All kinds of Adhesive Tape, Craft Tape, Both-side Tape
       Silicon Adhesive Tape, Polyimide Adhesive Tape

      4) All kinds of Laminate Process Products
       PE Laminate Process Products
       Laminate Process Products for Platemaking Application
       Laminate Process Products for Industrial Application

     5) All kinds of Coating Process Products
       Antistatic Processed Film for LDC Material Application
       Hard Coating Processed Surface Materials
       All kinds of Protect Films

     6) Engineering Materials
       All kinds of Engineering Material Sheets(Blue Sheet, UV Sheet, etc...)
       All kinds of Sandbag
       All kinds of net (Insect Protection Net, Privacy Net, etc...)

     7) Agricultural Materials
       Aluminum Vapor Deposition Sheet for Agricultural Application
       Tape for Vinyl House Repair Application

     8) Slitting, Cutting Process Arrangement
       General Slitting, Clean Slitting, Cutting, Punching Process etc... We would lke to arrange with fwing our customer's need.

     9) Adhesive, Coating Process Arrangement
       We will arrange with following our customer's need.

     10) All kinds of Processed Products for Electrical Application
       We will process many materials with following our customer's need.
Handring Products