HEAD OFFICE: Tousen Kanda Sudacho Building 8F 1-28 Kanda Sudacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0041

  TEL: 03-3252-0021 FAX: 03-3252-0031

  OSAKA BRANCH: Senba Grand Building 9F 3-4-30 Kyutaroumachi Chuou-ku Osaka-city Osaka 541-0056

  TEL: 06-6245-7311 FAX: 06-6245-2191

  CAPITAL: 27million

  ESTABLISHMENT: 09/01/1996

  TIE-UP BANK: Mizuho bank at kanda branch
  Risona bank at kanda station branch
  Mitsui Sumitomo bank at kanda branch

  President and CEO, Representatives Director
  Mr. Daisuke Adachi
  Executive Director
  Mr. Takashi Toriyama


ANEX CO.,LTD was named after an image of NEXT. We deeply aim to carry out both powerful action and quick correspondence with considering very near future at all times.

ANEX CO.,LTD. cherises a human being as property. ANEX CO.,LTD is not a mere distributor between our supplier and customers. We have abundant knowledge and prominent experiences as technical trading company which handles some release papers, release films, functional films for optical application and industrial application, adhesive products, etc... and we have talented people who can propose the point of needs and not only taking good care of customers, but also sending a relief and reliance to you.

ANEX CO.,LTD also tackles the compliance and environmental protection positively towards maintainable social realization, in order to forcefully take over this society and this company to the next generation, and we wish ourselves to exist contributing to a society and our cutomers through a market circulation and valuable information from bottom of our heart.